James Ammon Beaumont USS Arizona

S2c James Ammon Beaumont

James Ammon Beaumont or “Mickey”, was a young man who had always been driven by a sense of duty and a love for his country. He was born on January 16, 1921, in Coleman, Texas to John Beaumont, a dairy farmer, and Lillie Person Beaumont, a homemaker. He was the oldest of four children, and from a young age, he had a strong sense of responsibility and a desire to make a difference.

The Beaumont family, like many others, struggled to make ends meet during the Great Depression. By the time of the spring 1940 Census, they had moved to Dallas, where they lived with Lillie’s parents and a younger sibling. John worked at a meatpacking plant, earning $780 for 52 weeks of work, while James worked at a spring factory, earning $170 for 17 weeks of work. Despite the challenges they faced, the Beaumonts remained a close-knit family, bound together by their love and their determination to succeed.

In 1941, James answered the call to duty by enlisting in the United States Navy. He was assigned to the U.S.S. Arizona, one of the Navy’s most powerful battleships, and he quickly became known for his dedication and his willingness to serve his country.

On December 7, 1941, the Japanese launched a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. The U.S.S. Arizona was one of the ships that was targeted, and James was among the sailors on board. The attack was devastating, and James was killed in the ensuing chaos.

The news of James’ death sent shockwaves through his family and community. Four years later, tragedy struck again when the family’s second eldest child, Betty, passed away from rheumatic fever and heart failure at the age of 22. But despite their grief, the Beaumonts never forgot the sacrifice that James had made for his country.

Today, James Ammon Beaumont is remembered as a hero, one of the many brave men who lost their lives in service to their country on that fateful day at Pearl Harbor. His sacrifice will never be forgotten, and his memory will always be honored by those who knew and loved him. James’ life may have been cut tragically short, but his legacy lives on as a reminder of the courage and sacrifice of all those who have served their country in times of war and peace.

S2 James Ammon Beaumont is listed as Missing in Action; his memorial site is at the Honolulu Memorial in Hawaii. He received a Purple Heart, the Combat Action Ribbon, the WW II Victory Medal, the American Defense Service Medal, and the Asiatic-Pacific Campaign for his service. Though his remains were never recovered, James will always be remembered for his bravery, his dedication, and his sacrifice. His memory lives on as a testament to the courage and heroism of all those who have served their country with honor and distinction.

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Sources: Census; Navy muster roll; Texas death certificate. Navy photograph. This profile was rewritten by “Operation 85”  from the original sourced profile written by Bobbi Jo Buel on behalf of the U.S.S. Arizona Mall Memorial at the University of Arizona.