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The USS Arizona Memorial Wall Errors and Correction Project

USS arizona memorial wall corrections

Since the initiation of the “Operation 85” unknown identification project for the USS Arizona, our dedicated team (OP85) has developed a deep, personal familiarity with each crew member. This familiarity is reinforced through constant reference to their names in our daily meetings and communications. Our exhaustive research efforts to trace the surviving relatives of these crew members have led us to unearth a wealth of information, including personal and family photographs, military personnel files, census records, and more. Engaging with the families has further enriched our database with invaluable details.

This project represents an unprecedented endeavor in professional ancestry and genealogical research concerning the USS Arizona’s crew. It demands an extraordinary level of precision and thoroughness to satisfy the stringent criteria set by the Department of Defense, Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency, Armed Forces DNA Identification Laboratory, and the US Navy and Marine Corps Casualty Office. The stakes are significant, involving the identities of 85 unknown American heroes from the USS Arizona.

During our research, we have identified discrepancies in some names, ranks, and home states of crew members as currently listed on the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial Wall in Pearl Harbor, HI. This discovery highlighted a unique opportunity to ensure the accuracy of the information displayed on the Memorial Wall.

The process for updating the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial Wall is a subject of public interest. Contrary to what some may assume, individual corrections do not necessitate the replacement of the entire wall. Each entry on the wall is a separate marble plate, matching the wall’s material, which can be individually removed and replaced if necessary.

The Memorial Wall, susceptible to deterioration from the saline maritime environment, was completely replaced twice, first in 1984 and then in 2014. We have verified through the National Park Service Superintendent at Pearl Harbor that discussions and planning are underway for future corrections. Kevin Kline, the Executive Director of Operation 85, has initiated discussions with the National Park Service to ensure that the forthcoming updates to the wall are conducted with the highest level of precision and respect for the legacy of the crew.

Operation 85 looks forward to partnering with the National Park Service in this future endeavor, and sharing our detailed genealogical research and family information with their historians to ensure the most accurate representation of the crew members on the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial Wall. 

At this moment the National Park Service at Pearl Harbor has not officially started this project, but we have.  If you would like to report an error or a correction needed on the USS Arizona Memorial Wall, please fill out the form below. Operation 85’s research team will work with the families and the National Park Service to provide any and all documentation needed to verify a legitimate request to correct the wall. 

We greatly appreciate all the family members for their support, and we look forward to continuing to keep the legacy and memory of the U.S.S. Arizona crew alive for generations to come. 

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