Our U.S.S. Arizona Collection & Museum

Our U.S.S. Arizona Collection & Museum

Our U.S.S. Arizona Collection & Museum

  • Artifact Description: Original U.S.S. Arizona Flat Hat (Donald Duck Hat)
  • Collection ID#: 2022-WWII-0089
  • Category: Uniforms/Hats/Clothing
  • Named: COX Linton A. Newell, Portland OR

What we Collect:

We curate an extensive collection of U.S.S. Arizona artifacts, pictures and documents related to the history of the battleship, the Pearl Harbor attack, as well as its individual crew members.  Our goal is to share our collection online for anyone to study and learn from.  If you have items, documents or information about the U.S.S. Arizona, and you would like to share, please reach out to us at museum@ussarizona.navy.   We are always extremely grateful to hear from you.

Our Online Museum is a “Work in Progress” – Thanks for your Patience

Our current priority and resources of the website are being focused on the U.S.S. Arizona “Operation 85” Project.  So the building of our online museum collection will come later, as we reach our goal of identifying the U.S.S. Arizona unknowns.  However, don’t let that stop you from reaching out to us if you have questions or items you would like us to include in our future online collection.  Also, sometimes a high definition scan or high quality picture, along with a great description, is all we need to include items or documents you may have.  Anything shared with us that is relevant to the ship or its crew will eventually be featured on our digital online exhibit.   We don’t always need or even want to take possession of a document or artifact.  Most of the time, family items are best left in the care of the family, but we have accepted donations on a case-by-case basis when owners or family were unable to properly curate and preserve delicate and/or important items.

Can I contribute or Donate an item to the Museum?

Yes!  However, due to limitations on space and the high costs associated with preserving each item, we analyze each request on a case-by-case basis.  We may consider taking on the responsibility of preserving and curating an important item or artifact if we are able to.  We may also be able to suggest ways to easily protect your item at home.  Family items are always recommended to stay with the family, but we understand that can’t always be the case.  Reach out to us at museum@ussarizona.navy and we’ll be glad to discuss anything you may have, and the best way to preserve it.  If we are unable to take the item, we may have some suggestions and contacts with other interested museums, schools or education centers that may need your item to complete their research, exhibits or displays.  Let’s work together, but whatever you do, don’t throw it out and don’t fold it  !!!!