A Heartfelt Journey: The Rediscovery and Return of a WWII Sailor’s Letter

A Heartfelt Journey: The Rediscovery and Return of a WWII Sailor’s Letter

A Heartfelt Journey: The Rediscovery and Return of a WWII Sailor’s Letter

The Unveiling of a Long-Lost Love Story

In a stirring video presentation, the tale of S1c Norman Kenneth Iversen’s letter to his girlfriend, Edis Higgins, unfolds like a poignant chapter from history. The letter, a relic of World War II, was discovered years after Edis’s passing by her daughter, igniting a quest driven by respect and nostalgia.

A Daughter’s Discovery and Mission

Edis’s daughter Sandra Huggins discovery of this deeply personal artifact opened a window into her mother’s past, revealing a tender and youthful romance during one of history’s most turbulent times. Moved by the sentiments expressed in the letter, she embarked on a mission not just to uncover the story behind it, but to reconnect this piece of history back to the family of the sailor that wrote it.

Norman IversenEdis Higgins girlfriend os USS Arizona sailor


Operation 85: Bridging Families Through DNA

Enter Operation 85,  to reconnect the letter with the family. This project was instrumental in tracing a family member of S1c Iversen, setting the stage for the letter’s poignant homecoming.

The video showcases the emotional letter written by S1c Iversen’s. It’s not just a handover of a dated piece of paper; it symbolizes the bridging of generations, the enduring legacy of love, and the undying memory of those who served in the war.

This story is more than a family affair; it resonates with anyone who understands the profound impact of war on personal lives. The letter is a testament to the human spirit, enduring love, and the timeless nature of personal connections that outlive even the most challenging circumstances.

The video presentation of this journey is not only a tribute to the love between Norman and Edis but also a reminder of the countless untold stories from that era. It’s a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made and the personal lives intertwined with the course of history.

In an era where digital communication dominates, this letter’s journey through time reminds us of the enduring power of written words and the timeless nature of human connections.