“Operation 85” Chief Research Analyst: John Hardy’s Pivotal Role in U.S.S. Arizona Project

“Operation 85” Chief Research Analyst: John Hardy’s Pivotal Role in U.S.S. Arizona Project

“Operation 85” Chief Research Analyst: John Hardy’s Pivotal Role in U.S.S. Arizona Project

The U.S.S. Arizona “Operation 85” project takes immense pride in the expertise and dedication that each of its team members brings to the mission. This monumental effort to identify the unknown crew members of the U.S.S. Arizona, now buried at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific in Oahu, HI, is a testament to the power of collaboration and the spirit of unity. Today, we want to highlight one such devoted member of our team who has been contributing significantly since May of this year: John Hardy.

John Hardy isn’t just a team member; he is a guiding force whose strategic acumen and personal connection to our mission are invaluable. With a solid academic foundation backed by over twenty-five years in genealogical related endeavors, John’s insights have helped propel our forensic genealogy investigations to new heights.

Before his journey with “Operation 85,” John gained significant expertise in risk management, serving as the Chief Operating Officer at Wright Risk Management in Long Island, NY. His skills were put to the test as a member of the World Trade Center Insurance Task Force, where he worked diligently on the insurance and risk management program for the City of New York during the challenging deconstruction and clean-up of the World Trade Center site post the devastating September 11th terrorist attack.

Currently, John is part of the senior leadership team at Gramercy Risk Management, a testament to his analytical skills and strategic thinking abilities. However, his connection to the “Operation 85” project goes beyond his professional prowess.

John is a former U.S. Navy member, and his father served at Pearl Harbor in the Submarine Service during WW2, bringing a personal connection and deep-rooted respect to our mission. As Operation 85’s Chief Research Analyst, John works under the guidance of our Chief DNA Genealogist expert, Melinde Lutz Byrne, applying his analytical skills and meticulous attention to detail to our ongoing investigations.

However, his role doesn’t stop there. John has also taken on the vital responsibility of acting as a family-member liaison. In this role, John has the “lucky task,” as he puts it, of speaking and establishing personal connections with each of the family members who have signed up with us. This role is as rewarding as it is essential, as it allows us to maintain an open line of communication with families, providing them with updates and understanding their expectations.

John Hardy’s blend of professional expertise, personal connections, and his dedication to the mission of “Operation 85” are instrumental in our ongoing efforts. As we continue to unravel the mysteries of the past and work towards providing answers to the families of the U.S.S. Arizona’s crew, John Hardy’s contributions stand as a beacon of commitment and respect for the cause.

As we recognize 85 Days of “Operation 85”, we celebrate John Hardy – a team member, a liaison, and a driving force of the “Operation 85” project.

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